104 out of 110 kidnapped Dapchi school Girls regains freedom


The town of Dapchi was today thrown into jubilation as 104 of  out of  the 110 Dapchi school girls abducted by the terrorists group, Boko Haram was been released early hours of Wednesday.

The release of the girls where confirmed to news men today by the Chairman Forum of  the missing girls; Alhaji Bashir Manzo.

Those released according to sources are currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital with 5 of the girls said to be dead out of trauma on the day of their kidnapped while one of them that refused to accept Islam is still being held captive by the member of the sect, said the girls freed.

The released of the girls coincided with a solidarity visit of parents of the Chibok girls who are currently in Dapchi.

A security source informed that “Boko Haram drove into Dapchi and dropped off the girls at the heart of the town and went back with no shot fired at them. We were asked to leave our camp which is the same route that Boko Haram followed to drop off the girls.”

A residents informed that the girls are currently been attended to at the General Hospital Dapchi.

“The girls are looking terrible. Most of them are on drip because they very exhausted and underfed, ” a medical personal at the hospital said.

Speaking earlier on the accurate number of the girls, a security source informed that some of the parents have taken their children away immediately Boko Haram dropped them.

“We are having challenges to get the exact number of the girls now because some of the parents came and took their children away immediately Boko Haram came and dropped them off. We are trying to retrieve some of the girls now but it’s being difficult,” the source informed. But the actual number released was later confirmed by Minister of Information and culture, Mohammed Lair.

The Dapchi girls were abducted on the 19th February, 2018 in their hostels.

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104 out of 110 kidnapped Dapchi school Girls regains freedom

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