Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, A PDP Governorship aspirant in Delta State and Wife, during his formal declration at Asaba rcently.
Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, A PDP Governorship aspirant in Delta State and Wife, during his formal declration at Asaba rcently.

Rt. Hon. Ndudi Godwin Elumelu on 25th November officially declared his intention to run for the 2015 gubernatorial elections in Delta State; but this has raised many concerns and anticipation as to what he is planning out for the state, come 2015 as it relates to development and transformation of lives. Hon. Elumelu is not new in the political scene of Delta State but it appears that he has set the pace for New Political frontier in the state, as many have described him as a politician with core purpose for development, as he has demonstrated that in various capacities in the past being involved in selfless community development programme; aimed at strengthening the society towards human capital development and economic empowerment.

During the Declaration, Hon. Elumelu highlighted that he’s committed to the dream of a New Delta State that will be built on Trust and rapid growth. Having listened and followed his giant strides in the state, it is evident that Hon. Elumelu is an epitome of CHANGE in Delta State that most politicians must emulate in terms of using his wealth of experience to better the lives of the people before seeking public offices.
Hon. Elumelu is tested and approved of his works which span towards building a society of togetherness and economic strength. As described by his supporters, he’s the “SHINNING Light of Delta State.”No wonder he is excelling in his ambition to govern Delta State, come 2015 as he has shown readiness by connecting with the people with so much ease. That goes to show that he is a man that understands the language of everyone. A man who can be easily called a multi-cultural and multi-faceted person, who is ready to engage in anything that will bring about transformation in the society.
As a student friendly leader, the leadership of various Students’ Groups in Delta State have come to drum support for Hon. Elumelu for his continued support and contribution towards education and raising the standard of education; thereby making it easily accessible to everyone.  Hon. Elumelu, a leader for all as best described by Delta State Women; saying, he is  highly committed to empowering women in Delta State with access to Soft Loans to grow their businesses; thereby creating Jobs for ALL citizens of the state. The Market Woman Leader highlighted that, Hon. Elumelu is a man that prefers to teach people how to catch fishes for themselves, rather than feeding them with fishes. Such disposition they said is what Deltans need and not a person that will engage the youths in election violence and other anti-societal activities.
Hon. Ndudi Elumelu’s declaration also welcomed the presence of notable politicians in Delta State and across the country. One among whom who couldn’t hide his strong desire to see Hon. Elumelu as the next Governor of Delta state was Vincent Ogbolafor, Fmr.  Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Ogbolafor testified of Hon. Elumelu’s passion and support for the party; calling him a TRUE Party Man who worked closely with former Presidents Obasanjo and Late Yar’Adua and now President Jonathan, having known him for many years, described him also as a party man; urging Deltans to vote for him for his grounded political experiences; which he will bring on-board to transform Delta state to a place of our dreams.
During the declaration, Hon. Elumelu said “it is only God that has the power to appoint leaders. At the appointed time; God will showcase His choice” his words shows a man that is humble and ready to serve his people. His campaign and declaration gave room for the unveiling of his campaign drive which is SHINE
And with hash tag #SHINE-DELTA
S – Security
H – Health care
I – Infrastructure
N – Natural resources
E – Education & Empowerment.
Hon. Elumelu promised to tackle these issues squarely, as they directly affects the citizens, either good or bad. The highpoint of the official declaration was when Hon. Elumelu started singing praises to God as he went on his kneels to ask for God’s blessings and protection to guide him in the right path to govern Delta State come 2015.
Meanwhile, Hon. Elumelu enjoined all Deltans not to vote for unpopular candidates anywhere in the state as that could jeopardise the PDP chances in the state; as he equally call for prayers for President Jonathan and asked the people to support his re-election bid which will set Nigeria into a new era of overwhelming transformation and change.
Welcome to the era of SHINE Delta State with Ndudi Elumelu (MFR)

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